Shelagh Howard is an established professional photographer and visual artist who focuses on the versatile beauty and experience of the human form.

A Toronto native, Shelagh studied Photography at Ryerson University and Psychology at the University of Toronto.  A respected freelance photographer, Shelagh has exhibited her work at The Connections Gallery (Toronto, ON), The Ecomusee du Fier Monde (Montreal, QB), Gallery 44 (Toronto, ON), Gallery 1313 (Toronto, ON), and Akasha Art Projects (Toronto, ON)  among others. She has been published in Songlines UK, Opera Canada, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, Canadian House and Home, VICE magazine, and in press and digital media internationally.

Skilled in nudes and portraits, Shelagh’s work explores the construction of the self, involving gendered beauty, body image issues, isolation and acceptance – as well as the ever changing nature of relationships both with others and with ourselves. She innovates by combining various cultural interpretations of the human form with traditional ideas to capture authenticity and create depth in her vision.  Inspired by the candidness and vulnerability of the human body, Shelagh creatively employs methods of reflection and shadow to create strong, contrasting and honest photos.