Liana Palmerio-McIvor
  • Liana Palmerio-McIvor

  • Director - Psychotherapist at Wellness Counselling Group

Shelagh is an amazing photographer, very professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend her services. I’ve also sent my husband to her for his corporate shots – which were stunning!

Jonathan Menon
  • Jonathan Menon

  • Editor-in-Chief, 239 Days In America

I was a customer of Shelagh’s in 2011 when she did portraits of me. I was just hoping for headshot, but Shelagh scouted out locations, and did several really excellent portraits. This photographer is someone who tries to get to know you so she can capture you at your best, and bring not just your appearance, but your personality to the images she creates. I would obviously recommend her to anyone, and have actually done so.

Trevor Cole
  • Trevor Cole

  • Novelist and Journalist

As a subject of one of Shelagh Howard’s photo shoots, I saw close up how well she works with people. She was also flexible and responsive to the surroundings, and the end result was terrific. She’s also very skilled at the art of Photoshop retouching. I’m happy to recommend her.

Peter Phoa
  • Peter Phoa

  • Project Manager at BMO

I have worked with Shelagh in various capacities in the past. Through BMO Financial Group, Shelagh was hired as the portrait photographer of the current CEO, as well as for occasional event photography. It was a result of her excellent work that I asked her to assist on a more artistic endeavour and shoot for the marketing campaign of Opera Ontario’s 2012-2013 Season.

She has the versatility, technique, and artistic understanding to what required of comprehend the desired product. She produces excellent results from an extraordinary range or styles from commercial results to images requiring great artistic expression. Shelagh is also a delightful and contributive collaborator and has a strong sensibility to get an extraordinary image out of her subjects. She deserves my highest recommendation.

Paul McIvor 3
  • Paul McIvor

  • Manager, Issues and Media Management at Ministry of Children and Youth Services

Shelagh is an awesome photographer with that rare blend of technical expertise, artistic vision and client management skills. I love her work and recommend her unhesitatingly.

Allegra Young 2
  • Allegra Young

  • Co-Founder Bare it for Books, Recording and Licensing Manager, The Canadian Music Centre

The Bare it for Books calendar wouldn’t have happened without Shelagh Howard. Shelagh did four shoots for us, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results. She is professional, quick to follow up and extremely creative. She worked within our ideas for the shoots but also provided some integral suggestions that ensured we ended up with a beautiful finished project. She’s not afraid to take the extra time to make sure she gets all the shots she needs so there are no “if onlys” when looking at the proofs. I look forward to working with her again. 

Debra Fenwick 2
  • Debra Fenwick

  • Owner, Fenwick Design Group

Shelagh has been doing my architectural pictures for 10 years, and her professionalism, attention to detail, and creativity have added to my brand value and brought much positive feedback to my work. I would heartily endorse her for any project, as she has been able to work in multiple settings with little direction to great effect.  The results have always been fantastic!

Paul Dollak 2
  • Paul Dollak

  • Owner/Barrister at Dollak Law

Just about anybody can take a picture but not just anybody can take a Shelagh Howard photograph. Shelagh is passionate about her craft and cares about creating beautiful photos for her clients. She has a magical way of connecting with you, understanding your needs and audience, and placing you in the setting for the shoot that brings out the best in you. 
The result: images that are simultaneously accessible and intimate, professional and personal. 
Shelagh is not the first photographer I have worked with, but she is the first one who truly and fully captured me in a way that I felt really good about.  She will therefore always be my first choice for professional photography, whether for a website update, a press release, or an event or function.

James MacIntosh 2
  • James Macintosh

  • CFO at Canuc Resources Corporation
Shelagh took an amazing set of photos of all four of my children, including two of the kids that really were not that keen on being photographed. The purpose was to get one really good picture of each child and a group shot of all four kids on the occasion of a special birthday. 
Shelagh really captured each child beautifully and all of them enjoyed the creative process. I treasure those photos. 
  • Gene Hayden

  • Owner, GCH Communications, Target Coaching, author of The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done

As a photographer, Shelagh is exceptionally talented at putting a subject completely at ease, capturing the best of the person in spirit and look, and producing a great portrait shot at every level. Shelagh did my portrait picture for my book The Follow-Through Factor. She managed to make an experience I was dreading into a really fun and relaxing encounter. She truly has an incredible eye for setting, expression and nuances.

Amanda LeDuc 2
  • Amanda Leduc

  • Author and Bare it For Books co-founder

I was lucky enough to have the chance to work with Shelagh as part of the 2014 Bare it For Books calendar project. Shelagh was our principal photographer and her work for the project was stunning in every possible way — creative, engaging, and imbued with a delicious sense of lighthearted fun. Shelagh herself was warm, professional and quick to offer assistance and advice as my co-founder and I pulled the project together. She is an amazing artist and a lovely person to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Dierdre Fulton
  • Dierdre Fulton

  • Freelance Opera singer

Shelagh’s photos are more than just beautiful. They capture a narrative that brings the image to life.